Recent publications:

Active Carbon and Oxygen Shell Burning Hydrodynamics, Meakin and Arnett,2006, ApJL 637, 53 (379KB)

Dramatic Impact of Hydrodynamic Mixing on Supernova Progenitors, Young, Meakin, Arnett and Fryer, 2005, ApJ 629, 69 (539KB)

Constraints on the Progenitor of Cassiopeia A, Young, et al, ApJ in press (1.2MB)

Arnett, Meakin, and Young, Stellar Convection with Nuclear Burning, IAU Symposium 239, Convection in Stars, ed. F. Kupka, I. W. Roxburgh, and K. L. Chan, 2007 (406KB)

Meakin and Arnett, Anelastic and Compressible Simulations of Stellar Oxygen Burning, submitted (742KB)

Meakin and Arnett, Turbulent Convection in Stellar Interiors: I. Hydrodynamic Simulation, submitted (2.5M)

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